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Logiciels libres

Team Software Description Type Get it! LIG
& diffusion
Adele Felix A major OSGi implementation, in
middleware Apache rep. Embedded systems,
smart building
Used in countless operational projects
and products all over the world.
Apache v2
iPOJO Injected Plain Old Java Object.
Through code injection, turns usual Java programs in OSGi services.
Provides extensible container capability to OSGi including automatic
connection capability and many others. Significantly simplifies writing
and maintenace of OSGi code.
library Apache rep. Embedded systems,
smart building
Operational and used in many projects. Apache v2
CADSEg CADSEg allows generating a software
engineering environment from a set of models. A CADSE appears, to the
developer, as an "intelligent" high level Eclipse workspace which
"knows" the concepts of the domain and the "best" way to map them toward
programming artifacts.
package LIG forge Embedded systems Used in different research projects. Apache v2
SAM Service Abstract Machine. This
platform subsumes most current SOA platforms (including OSGi, iPOJO, Web
Service, Upnp, DPWS, SNTP), allowing high level development of
heterogeneous SOA applications.
package LIG forge Embedded systems,
smart building
Used as a vehicle in different
projects, inside the team and in international research projects.
Apache v2
Homega A dynamic home office platform. middleware LIG forge Smart building Used in different projects Apache v2
Drakkar IPMT IPMT is a toolbox used for the
performance measurement of
various levels of network protocols.
is composed of two programs to send traffic respectively in TCP or in
UDP, with given characteristics rate, burst size, delay between
transmissions...), and two programs to receive data, compute and display
every seconds statistics on the received traffic.
toolbox LIG forge network performance evaluation In the Drakkar team for
experimentations and for teaching at Ensimag and UJF.
External users
have manifested their interest.
e-Motion CycabTk The Cycab ToolKit offers a Cycab
driver, a Sick sensor driver, and a 3D Simulator. The Cycab ToolKit aim
to provide Cycab users a framework for developing and testing
applications which should work on any Cycab.
This framework is based
on the "Hugr" middleware that allowed to share variables between
different programs. This middleware can be used independently for any
robotics / sensors applications.
middleware / robotics simulator INRIA forge Robotics / Embedded systems Used in several INRIA research units
(Inria Rhone-Alpes, LORIA, IRISA). Also used as a platform at
French-Mexican summer school.
Exmo Alignment API The Alignment API is an API and
implementation for expressing and sharing ontology alignments. The
Alignment API itself is a Java description of tools for accessing the
common format. It defines four main interfaces (Alignment, Cell,
Relation and Evaluator) and proposes the following services:
Storing, finding, and sharing alignments;
* Piping alignment
algorithms (improving an existing alignment);
* Manipulating
(thresholding and hardening);
* Generating processing output
(transformations, axioms, rules);
* Comparing alignments.
API/librarie INRIA forge Semantic web, ontology alignment Used in different projects, by a
community and for an evaluation campaign of ontology matching tools.
OntoSim OntoSim is a JAVA API regrouping
various similarities measures between ontologies and/or entities
(classes, properties, etc.).
API/librarie INRIA forge Semantic web, ontology distances,
ontology alignment
Used in different research projects
and by a community.
AROMA AROMA is an hybrid, extensional and
asymmetric matching approach designed to find out relations (equivalence
and subsumption) between entities issued from OWL ontologies. This
approach makes use of the association rule paradigm and the implication
intensity, a statistical interestingness measure.
software INRIA forge Semantic web, ontology alignment,
association rules, interestingness measures
Used by a community. LGPL
OLA OLA (OWL-Lite Alignment) matches
ontologies written in OWL. It relies on a similarity combining all the
knowledge used in entity descriptions. It also deal with one-to-many
relationships and circularity in entity descriptions through a fixpoint
software INRIA forge Semantic web, ontology alignment. Used by a community. LGPL
Getalp Clips-Text-tk CLIPS-Text-tk is designed to be suited
for use in language engineering research and applications, in order to
serve as a widely accepted set of languages. It defines a DTD and
provides tools to transform various input data to a suitable corpus.
toolbox sources Open business ; Education, culture,
Used in different research projects. GPL
JIBIKI The Jibiki platform allows building
web sites for communities devoted to the construction of multilingual
lexical databases.
platform LIG forge Used by the projects LexALP,
Papillon, GDEF, etc.
MOTIKZ Motikz is a game developed on
iPhone/ipod touch which aims to the collection of large amounts of
lexical relations, as in the "Jeux de Mots" paradigm (see
software LIG forge Public, prealpha prototype GPL
IIHM OI OpenInterface A component-based framework for
developing/prototyping interaction as well as a set of components for
interaction (e.g., interaction modalities based on gesture using iPhone,
wiimote, finger tracker). [result of a European project coordinated by
Framework / Set of components sources All application domains (e.g., Game,
Culture, Leisure)
Used in several projects that involve
the 10 European partners who developed it.
GML Toolbox for fast building of post-WIMP
HMI prototypes.
toolbox sources Prototype, internal deployment GPL
hsmtk Toolbox for fast building of post-WIMP
graphical HMI.
toolbox sources Internal use, public sources GPLv2
semantic-pointing Improving Target Acquisition with
Control-Display Ratio Adaptation.
demonstration demo
Inline demo GPLv2
ztm Zoomable Treemaps: visualize and
interact with big trees.
software sources Internal use, public sources CeCILLv2
Magma CORE Java API to build multi-agent systems.
enables agents to devise conjectures, CoRe Distributed Message Service
is a middleware used by the agents to interact, CoRe-IDE enables to
develop distributed agent planners.
middleware & toolbox sources
Used by the research team CeCILL
Mescal AIOLI Started during summer 2004, aIOLi is a
"French recipe" Blink to handle parallel I/O in a multi-application and
distributed environment. It is based on popular parallel I/O concepts
(collective and anticipatory I/O) and includes an advanced scheduling
algorithm to improve global performance and provide fairness between
middleware INRIA forge High performance computing Finalized prototype GPL
KADEPLOY Kadeploy is a fast and scalable
deployment system towards cluster and grid computing. It provides a set
of tools, for cloning, configuring (post installation) and managing a
set of nodes. Currently it deploys successfully linux, *BSD, Windows,
Solaris on x86 and 64 bits computers.
middleware INRIA forge Used by a community (Grid 5000) GPL
NFSP NFSp is a parallel version of the
widely adopted Network File System. A choosen node acts as meta-server
for serving meta-data and other nodes are configured to create the
storage pool for clients accessing the meta-server.
middleware INRIA forge Finalized prototype GPL
is a resource manager (or batch scheduler) for large clusters.
middleware INRIA forge Used by a community (Grid 5000) GPL
Pajé The Pajé generic tool provides
interactive and scalable behavioral visualizations of parallel and
distributed applications, helping to capture the dynamics of their
executions; because of its genericity, it can be used unchanged in a
large variety of contexts.
software INRIA forge Used by a community GPL
PEPS PEPS is a software which allows to
solve numerically very large Markov Chains. It uses an input interface
based on Stochastic Automata Networks (SAN), a compact storage for the
transition matrix of the Markov Chain and tensor algebra to handle the
basic vector matrix multiplication. Solution methods are iterative.
software INRIA forge Used by a community GPL
PSI PSI (Perfect Simulator) is a
simulation software of markovian models. It be able to simulate discrete
and continuous time models to provide a perfect sampling of the
stationary distribution or directly a sampling of functional of this
distribution. The simulation kernel is based on the CFTP algorithm, and
the internal simulation of transitions on the Aliasing method.
software INRIA forge Used by a community GPL
SIMGRID SimGrid is a toolkit that provides
core functionalities for the simulation of distributed applications in
heterogeneous distributed environments. The specific goal of the project
is to facilitate research in the area of distributed and parallel
application scheduling on distributed computing platforms ranging from
simple network of workstations to Computational Grids.
toolbox INRIA forge Used by a community LGPL

GGEN GGen is a both a library of reference
random graph generation methods and a website providing analysis of
several key properties of the generated graphs.
library LIG forge High performance computing Used by a community CeCILL
TAKTUK TakTuk is a tool for deploying
parallel remote executions of commands to a potentially large set of
remote nodes. It spreads itself using an adaptive algorithm and sets up
an interconnection network to transport commands and perform I/Os
multiplexing/demultiplexing. The TakTuk mechanics dynamically adapt to
environment (machine performance and current load, network contention)
by using a reactive work-stealing algorithm that mixes local
parallelization and work distribution.
middleware INRIA forge Used by a community (Grid 5000) GPL
Metah COPEX Editor for experimentation protocols,
aimed to the students.
package (coming) Education, culture, leisure Prototype, internal deployment LGPL
ALPHA COMPLEX CMS: Alpha Complex is a PHP web
application whose purpose is to enable one person or several, working
collaboratively, to create — and keep up-to-date — a dynamic web site,
from any computer connected to the internet, and using only a web
middleware ; package SourceSup Open business; Education, culture,
Used by a community CeCILL
LoE Laboratorium of Epidemiology (for
teachers, students and researchers).

(coming) Education, culture, leisure Ongoing development LGPL
Moais FLOWVR FlowVR eases development and execution
of virtual reality applications distributed on clusters and grids.
FlowVR enables parallel code coupling and advanced coherency control
between data flows.
middleware Sourceforge High performance computing Used by a community GPL
GGEN GGen is a both a library of reference
random graph generation methods and a website providing analysis of
several key properties of the generated graphs.
library LIG forge Used by a community CeCILL
KAAPI Kaapi means Kernel for Adaptive,
Asynchronous Parallel Interface. It is a C++ library that allows to mix,
at very high performance, data flow graph unfolding operations with
multithreaded computation.
middleware INRIA forge Used by a community CeCILL
TRIVA Triva is a three dimensional
interactive visualization analysis tool that can be used to visually
analyze trace files from computer applications.
software INRIA forge Used by a community GPL
Prima OMiSCID Object Oriented Opensource middleware
for Service Communication Inspection and Discovery.
O3MiSCID can be
really helpfull in the following cases:
* you are looking for an easy
way to design an application with a Service Oriented Architecture
you want to design peer to peer or client/server distributed
* you need a cross-platform cross-language library for
network communications and service advertisement and discovery
* you
want a cross-platform C++ library for system abstraction (threads,
Mutex, ...), containers (lists, ...) and network Sockets (UDP and TCP)
middleware INRIA forge Open business; Embedded systems Research projects MIT-like
Sardes CECILIA Development environment for
programming Fractal components; it
includes a toolchain for building software systems from their
architecture descriptions in ADL.
toolbox ObjectWeb rep. Open business; Embedded systems Used by a community LGPL
JADE Jade is a framework to build autonomic
distributed systems, in the JASMINe project which develops an
administration tool dedicated to Java EE, MOM or SOA distributed
library; middleware ObjectWeb rep. Open business; Education, culture,
leisure; Security; Embedded systems, smart building
Used by a community CeCILL
DREAM Component-based framework dedicated to
the construction of communication middleware.
library; middleware ObjectWeb rep. Used by a community LGPL
Vasy FIACRE / FLAC FLAC is a translator from Fiacre to
LOTOS, developed in the projects OpenEmbedd [RNTL] and Topcased [AESE]
translator Enseeiht
Embedded systems Used by a community CeCILL
Wam AMAYA Editor/browser for creating compound
web pages that strictly follow W3C standards (text in XHTML, mathematics
in MathML, graphics in SVG, style in CSS, etc.)
package W3C rep. Open business; Education, culture,
Used by a community MIT
LIMSEE3 LimSee3 is an authoring tool for
editing web multimedia documents
package INRIA forge Education, culture, leisure Used by a community CeCILL
Misi OSE OSE, Outil de Suivi des Effectifs, is a
tool for monitoring the enrollments in a research laboratory.
managing the members base, it offers a trombinoscope and a geographical
view of the offices.
package LIG forge Commodity Used by several labs LGPL
OSC OSC, Outil de Suivi des Contrats, is a
tool for monitoring the contracts in a research lab.
He allows to
record information concerning a contract at every stage (schedule of due
dates, endorsements, credits and expenses, etc.) and it prepares
documentary evidence.
package LIG forge Used by several labs LGPL
Labo PISTOUWeb application for the management of bibliographic notices.webappLIG forgeCommodityUsed by the lab LGPL